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Something Else Entirely :iconsachula:Sachula 1 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 6
I woke with Dad shaking my shoulder. Sitting up, I ran a hand through my hair and tried to figure out what was going on.
"Come on, get up. Don't want to be late on your first day, do you?" Dad said then left, pulling my door shut behind him.
I looked at the clock. It was seven in the morning, and I felt like I'd just went to sleep. I rubbed at my eyes. My key lay beside me on the bed. I reached for it, but as my fingers brushed the cool metal, the voice from my dream whispered through my mind again.
I shivered, jerking my hand back.
Staring at it, I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. I'm still asleep. I'm just still asleep, I thought, rubbing my face again. Yeah, that was it.
Forcing myself to get up, I dressed and got ready for the day. When I reached for the key again while I was making my bed, I hesitated but in the end, nothing happened.
* * *
Dad drove us to the store, stopping to drive through the Coffee Hut for coffee and donuts on the way. It
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 5
I sat on the couch, staring at the TV. I was finally alone. The ride home from the shop had been silent, and now the house was just as quiet. Elise and Dad had gone out to meet Liz and her kids for dinner. Elise had tried talking me into going out with them, but Dad convinced her to let me be.
I didn't know what to think of Dad anymore. He was acting so differently. He'd been very stand-offish when I was a kid. Really, I thought Grandpa was a better father figure than Dad. But the understanding in Dad's eyes tonight as he suggested that maybe I just needed some time to myself-
That just confused me.
I turned off the TV and went to fend for myself in the kitchen. There were a bunch of half-eaten casseroles in the fridge. I grabbed one, not caring which, and pried the lid off before shoving it in the microwave.
I mean, Dad has gone through all this before. He said it himself that he'd been so confused when they'd told him all of this and Grandpa became a Reaper, or whatever. Is this why
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 4
I followed Dad up the spiral stairs, my mind still numb from all that had just happened. I glanced down at the key. A scythe. It'd been similar to Dad's in shape, but the design, the coloring - it was all different.
Dad had said that everyone's scythe was unique to the soul who own it and the soul it was made from. That the scythe was a proof of friendship. I didn't understand exactly what he meant, but I figured I'd have plenty of time to ask him about it later.
Dad stopped at the top of the stairs. "This is it." He turned the knob, pushing the door wide.
I looked past him into a small, shadowed entryway. The walls were lined with pictures. Plain dark frames with white mats holding Grandpa's favorite black and white photography. I knew they were his favorite prints because we'd taken some of them together, and the others I'd seen in the small photo album he'd always traveled with. I stood there, turning in a circle to stare at them all. Every inch of the hallway walls where covered.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 3
"Mary?" Dad's voice woke me from my thoughts. I realized I'd just been staring at him.
"You're the grim reaper?" My voice shook a little.
Mr. Ward chuckled softly, taking a seat in his chair again. "Oh no, Ms. Brooks. Your father isn't the Grim Reaper-"
"There is only one Grim Reaper," Dad interrupted, shooting a glance at Mr. Ward. "He's the head or ruler of the Afterlife. My boss." Dad pulled the old wooden stool back over, and sat next to me. His scythe towered over both of us, even as it rested against his shoulder. "When my grandfather died," he continued. "I was bought here just like this. I hadn't been told what to expect and I barely understood what was happening. Your Grandpa became a Reaper then, just like what happened to me. And then, I became a Charon."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and not just about the Reaper stuff. I think this was the longest string of words my Dad had ever said to me. Well, excluding that time I'd broken a window when I was ten.
"What's that
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 2
Dad pulled the car into a spot in front of an old building, and parked it. Old may have been too kind a description. The place looked deserted and on the verge of being condemned. The brick face was worn, cracked, and even crumbling in some places. A broken sign hung on the front of the building proclaiming 'Brooks' Antiques'. This couldn't be right. Grandpa took so much pride in everything he did. This whole situation just seemed wrong.
"This can't be his store," I said, turning to look at my dad. He wore a sad expression on his face. The crows feet at the corners of his eyes seemed to have deepened since the last time I'd been home. There was more gray in his hair too.
"It-" he started, but stopped himself, looking away from me. "I know the store doesn't look like much, but it's really not  what it seems like at all. I can't explain it right now. Let's just go inside and wait for Mr. Ward."
He opened his door and climbed out before I could say anything. I watched him for a
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Skeleton Keys: Chapter 1
I gazed out of the limo's window, watching the trees and small buildings flow by. I loved this time of year in the mountains. The air had a slight chill to it, and the trees were bursting with golden and crimson leaves. Grandpa had loved it too. I'd been expecting him to call me, asking when we'd be going up to the lake house to fish, like we'd done every year since I could remember. But now-
He wouldn't be calling me anymore.
The limo crept along on the gravel drive and then stopped as close as possible to the grave site. The wind blew gently; a cold breeze hinting at the winter to come as the sun's heat began to build. A few leaves tumbled passed us as Elise- my step-mom, and I climbed out of the limo and stepped onto the lawn.
Everyone gathered around my family while we stood clutched flowers in our hands. I looked back to the cars as the other men and older boys of my family walked solemnly up the isle, carrying Grandpa's casket up to the grave. They set the coffin down on the stan
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Late Night Show
The lights go down and the band comes out,
Piercing screams, and the night forever rings.
Sing with the wings, and dance to the beat of the drum,
Saving grace, and holding close that need to run.
We meet in the darkened past,
To speak in hushed whispers of a thought to cast.
Pace the room, barred like a tiger,
To earn your stripes from a frightened fighter.  
Keep me close in the ring of your arms,
Your breath in my hair, your warmth against my skin.
For this night, it'll never come again.
:iconsachula:Sachula 1 0
The Next Great American Novel by Sachula The Next Great American Novel :iconsachula:Sachula 0 3
Walk on
Step on glass. A black, broken mirror, cast
Our pain a side steps away; Soft whispers, hushed prayers blast.
Take a shuddering breath; Let the deep thoughts collide.
Lines that waver, colors that blurr; a life too bright to hide.
On this night that stands still in our world, we walk on.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 3
Beautiful Snow
Morning's first glow,
in all its glory.
Is it going to snow,
and increase its beauty?
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Hell's Bell
To peace and heaven's spring,
To the piece that hell's bell can ring.
We dance in this night of wasted glory,
for those who've lost their sight and story.
To sing the ballads of kings old,
Pass the time, Past in time,
Scenes of a play long passed it's prime.
But where we gather in the snow and new,
That's where the summer is born again too.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Dark Shadows
In the darkest light,
the night within a day,
I dream my dream of dreams
and find hope in the way.
It's a place, a home to stay;
It's a feeling, a daring to stray.
In these dates of those long past,
In these times of those to come,
I fall to the feats of those too wild,
I stand against those too tame.
Dark shadow, you follow me through the night.
Dark shadow, could I invite you into the light?
Meaningless mumbles,
They stumble from my lips, but
You speak unlike those I know
It's that sound that whisks my will away.
Pass these words by without a glance,
as I try keep my heart at bay.
Invite me, Dark shadow,
to join you in a dance.
Save me, Dark shadow,
my life is in your grasp.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Mature content
Butterfly Wings :iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Glass Houses
In the past that wakes us, the past that waits for us
What more is there to dream, more for us to glean?
We live these fragile lives, our glass house built of lies
Where any new face, action or thought,
Could be the pebble which brings us down
Make peace with this life's fleeting moments,
Make peace with what we've left behind.
Gain new hope and feeling
Gain new strength and courage,
To face tomorrow's brand new day,
Even if you can barely hold the storms at bay.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0
Deadly Dances
These deadly dances in the dark,
That keep pace with our beating hearts.
I lie in wait for my chance to pray,
Let's dance until our world grows gray.
Sing to me, all your lover's might.
I'll sing to you in all my fright.
Caught in your tangled web of lies,
I've grown tired of all your lines.
Keep me here to sing of morning glory,
To dance until the Moon begins to worry.
I'll lace together what you hold dear,
This night most, and poison clear.
To shining gates where angels hark,
I'll follow you into the dark.
:iconsachula:Sachula 0 0


NaNoWriMo- Bring it ON by Mephonix NaNoWriMo- Bring it ON :iconmephonix:Mephonix 137 38 May the Muse be with you by one-farther May the Muse be with you :iconone-farther:one-farther 140 22 Quetzalcoatl by JuleeMClark Quetzalcoatl :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 2,336 83 Mark is judging you by kindlyanni Mark is judging you :iconkindlyanni:kindlyanni 92 24 Going out by kindlyanni Going out :iconkindlyanni:kindlyanni 88 25 From above by kindlyanni
Mature content
From above :iconkindlyanni:kindlyanni 76 33
Transfusions sketch dump by kindlyanni Transfusions sketch dump :iconkindlyanni:kindlyanni 277 28 Sunkissed sugar by Pineapplepieprincess Sunkissed sugar :iconpineapplepieprincess:Pineapplepieprincess 6 2 LIBERTY by scumpi LIBERTY :iconscumpi:scumpi 2,865 355 orientalism II by JuleeMClark orientalism II :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 2,554 126 2012 Pandect Banner by morbidprince 2012 Pandect Banner :iconmorbidprince:morbidprince 84 38 Poptarts are Food by SilentReaper Poptarts are Food :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 12,576 900 2012 - end of the world by AikaXx 2012 - end of the world :iconaikaxx:AikaXx 2,886 117 booty and le roast beast by UlaBeo-Arc booty and le roast beast :iconulabeo-arc:UlaBeo-Arc 1,461 197 Sunrise by DualMechanized Sunrise :icondualmechanized:DualMechanized 785 50 DoctorDoctor by Ninjatic DoctorDoctor :iconninjatic:Ninjatic 2,791 134



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This week I've a few exciting things to tell y'all, so hold on to your seats!

First, the sequel to Nocturnal Fate is now in the most capable hands of my critique group! We'll be meeting next week to discuss the book and any changes that it may need. Can I get a hell ya?! Sign up for my mailing list (information on my Blog), and be one of the first to hear about the release date.

Another big thing happening next week is Skeleton Key's debut! I'm really excited about this. Skeleton Keys is an urban fantasy I started back in 2010 for NaNoWriMo, about a recent collage graduate who returns home for her grandfather's funeral. Truths about her family are revealed that she never could have imagined, and now she must deal with her inheritance, her father's sudden interest in her, and her grandfather's assistant; a foreigner with strange and dark past.

Skeleton Keys will be a serial book, meaning I will post a chapter a week online for my fans to read. On FEB. 10TH, I'll be submitting the first 4 chapters here! You'll also be able to read SK on my Wattpad and Lj accounts, which you can find links for at the bottom of this post.  

Also, my brand new Forums are now open! These are a great way to connect with me and my other fans out there across all my accounts! You can discuss releases, recent chapters, and just chit chat in General. Stop by today and say hi!

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Sachula's Profile Picture
J.D. Robinson
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Current Projects:
-Skeleton Keys (a novel)
-Lightwalkers Book 2 (sequel to Nocturnal Fate)

Upcoming Releases:
-Skeleton Keys, new chapters on Fridays

J.D. doesn’t write about pink fluffy bunnies. It’s all about death, demons, and the odd tale of undead boy meets girl.

As a military brat, J.D. spent her childhood living in various countries and seeing the world. She penned her first poem while attending middle school in New Zealand and from then on, she’s been on a creative roll.

Fiction writer, mix-media artist, melt&pour soaper, and amateur photographer, J.D. lives for creating pieces of art that others can enjoy.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

Current Residence: Durham, NC

Personal Quote: "Do or do not, there is no try."

Nocturnal Fate is available through B&N, Kindle, and Smashwords. Find the links on my website below.


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